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Technical Diving in Thailand

Open Circuit Tec Courses

Here at Tec Thailand we teach the full range of Tec courses from beginner levels through to Instructor levels and from discover Tec through to full Trimix. At Tec Thailand we focus on mastering techniques that will get you through the toughest of technical dives while providing the easiest of learning environments.

While we understand that these technical diving skills need to be proficient in low vis cold water environments we believe you will find it easier to learn, develop and master these skills in the stress free warm water of Phuket, Thailand in good visibility conditions before going on to practise them in cold water low visibility conditions.

PADI Tec Rec courses with Tec Thailand

Why PADI Tec Rec Courses

At Tec Thailand we realise that in today’s modern world diver training agencies are all teaching pretty much the same philosophy’s and getting the best training is more about the quality and experience of the Instructor or Instructor Trainer than the particular agency that has their name on the card.

So after evaluating the training agencies and their teaching material Tec Thailand has decided that the best all around fit across all the courses was the PADI Tec Rec range of courses. As PADI celebrates its 50th anniversary, it is by far the world’s largest diving training organization, with more than 6,000 dive centres and resorts worldwide.

The Tec Rec range of programs have been developed with the same teaching methodology that has proven so successfully with it’s recreational courses. Fully sported with video learning and books for students and Instructor lesson guides and slates for instructors you can be sure of getting results when the course is taught properly.

The Kiwidiver difference

Technical Instructor Trainer and PADI Course Director Kevin Black from New Zealand (the “Kiwidiver”) has been teaching PADI Open Circuit Technical Diving since 2005 in both cold water and warm water environments.

Based in Phuket since 2009, Kevin overseas all Tec Thailand’s technical diver training and conducts all of the Instructor level training often conducting private courses for other Course Directors, dive center owners and instructors.

You can be assured you are getting the highest quality of training using the latest teaching tools and methodologies with Tec Thailand whether it is a diver level course or Instructor level course.

Kiwidiver Kevin Black

Technical Diving in Thailand,

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